Free Online Courses and Lessons on Website Programming

Here you can find free online courses website development, layout, and programming. You are learning from scratch right in your browser.

You do not need to go anywhere and spend time and money on trips to training classes. All you need is a computer and internet access.

All the courses provided are designed in such a way that you do not need specialized training to start. You only need to have basic computer and internet skills.

Basic PHP Tutorial

Our tutorials start with an introduction to PHP. In this PHP tutorial, you will learn the basics to create dynamic websites, such as working with variables, with if statements, with loops, or with files.

Advanced PHP Tutorial

In our Advanced PHP Tutorial section, you will find all sorts of tutorials for typical tasks, such as the programming of a login area, a guestbook. Likewise, we have prepared further topics for you understandable.

MySQL Tutorial

Dynamic websites are usually based on databases, such as a guestbook or an online shop system. In our MySQL tutorial, you will learn the essential basics of the MySQL database system and how you can easily save, edit and output data using PHP and MySQL.

HTML/CSS Tutorial (Coming soon)

You will learn how to use HTML tags, such as div, span, p, ul, li, learn how to work with cascading style sheets and learn new CSS properties such as margin, display, position, padding, color, background, and others. As well as learn how to create an adaptive layout of sites, and interactive HTML and CSS programming tasks performed directly in the browser will allow you to learn more effectively.