Advanced PHP Tutorial for Intermediate to Expert Level

In our Advanced PHP Tutorial section, we offer you in-depth tutorials, script examples and code snippets. These are for programmers who want to master the basics in PHP and MySQL and want to expand their knowledge. The goal of these tutorials is to train you to become a professional web developer.

Object-oriented programming

Object-oriented programming (OOP) makes it possible to encapsulate functions and properties in classes and thus to obtain a clearly structured code.

PHP security

You will learn basics about the safe development of PHP scripts.

Script examples

Below this category, you will find a script example for frequently used functions, for instance for login or to send e-mails with attachments. Each of the examples are explained to help you better understand the script and build your PHP skills.

Code snippets

In this section, you will find all sorts of useful little code snippets that can simplify your work as a developer.

Login script

Our login script explains step-by-step all the necessary components for your own member area: registration, login, password forgotten and much more. Besides, you can download this script and use it as a basis for your own member's area.

Send e-mails with attachments

You can easily send file attachments by e-mail using PHP. This is useful for sending invoices or sending pictures. Attaching a file to an e-mail is relatively simple: just add the contents of the file to the header of the e-mail.

Create PDF via PHP - PDF-Invoice

Using the PHP-library tcpdf, HTML-code can be converted into PDFs. This will allow you to easily create PDFs in PHP without the need for additional software, such as dynamic invoicing for your customers. The PDF can either be saved on the server or sent to the visitor. All you need to fill your PDFs is HTML code and a few library commands.